Cruskals is a product of nucliff young relatively startup, which is founded in Sep 2018 with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer simple and creative products which can help our consumers.

We believe that there are plethora of things to be learned by working with a ‘Real World’ problems. We tried to think how we can optimize it with IT solutions.


Cruskals is a small team of talented people.We work together to design, create and produce work that we are proud of for folks that we believe in. We are available for hire in a wide range of creative disciplines for a variety of jobs, projects and gigs.​

Our Focus

We believe by focusing on one thing at a time, we are able to concentrate deeply on the task, to think more creatively about the solution and to complete it faster than usual. It increases productivity and brings better results much quicker than multitasking.

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Our Core Values

Positive attitude about everything we do and inspire others to have the same attitude

Uphold the highest standards for ourselves and our community

Hold space, be present, and stay true to ourselves and those around us

Yoga for everyone – abilities, bodies and backgrounds alike

Here Are Ways We're Making An Impact:





What We Design?